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Our top priority is to keep our team, customers and partners safe.

We are open for business and ready for remote support. Our team is waiting to help you and your organization. Although travelling is still restricted for certain parts, we are ready to connect remotely with the latest teleconferencing technology.

Please be careful and stay safe. We are here to help you and your team.

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PackDesign Release 30 out now!!!

Packaging CAD software differs from other (graphic) solutions. The PackDesign Suite comes with very specific packaging knowledge and tools. Dedicated packaging functionality makes it not only easier to design packaging and prepare for production. It also makes it possible to deliver the results your customers expect in the shortest amount of time.

Born out of a die making environment, PackDesign is the most powerful and tailored CAD system for die makers. A customer/machine driven database, combined with the power of our ActionList Tools offering the flexibility and performance you need in a fast pace die shop today.

Since starting our solutions in CAD we have always had a close connection to (CNC) machinery such as Lasers, flatbed plotters, water jets, routers, etc… Altogether we have always been focused on the Packaging (carton boxes) and die making (carton boxes) industry with an occasional sidestep into the Gasket business and other die-less cutting related industries.


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