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About BCSI Systems BV

BCSI Systems BV is a software house based in The Netherlands. We have been developing CAD solutions, PackDesign, for the die-making and packaging industry for over 30 years now.

We are proud that our customer base includes some of the largest carton makers and die makers in Europe and overseas. We try to provide our customers with complete solutions and whenever needed we are flexible enough to customize our system to meet specific needs.

Since starting our solutions in CAD we have always had a close connection to (CNC) machinery such as Lasers, flatbed plotters, water jets, routers, etc… Altogether we have always been focused on the Packaging (carton boxes) and die making (carton boxes) industry with an occasional sidestep into the Gasket business and other die-less cutting related industries.

Founded in 1989 as a system house dedicated to the packaging and die making industry. Since then the company continues at the heart of revolutions in computing and automatization dedicated to this industry.

The PackDesign system was and still is a product born out of a close relationship with outstanding die makers, packaging and printing companies in many different countries throughout the world.

Today, BCSI is a well established company in the Netherlands. Besides there are representations and agents active for BCSI all over the world.


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At the basis of our products lies a long history of experience in die making and packaging industry as well as the design of information systems. All this results in an integrated software environment, which is suitable for the various disciplines in the graphical industry.

The PackDesign Suite consists of various modules that are configurable and tunable as add-ons. Various modules are also available as standalone applications. Our research and development together with the contribution of our customers have brought PackDesign to the leading edge in this market.

Our customers are free in the choice of their equipment; we make sure that interfacing is never a problem. No matter how small or big your company is, PackDesign is always optimized to your needs.

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Packaging Professional

Packaging CAD software differs from other (graphic) solutions. The PackDesign Suite comes with very specific packaging knowledge and tools.

Dedicated packaging functionality makes it not only easier to design packaging and prepare for production.

It also makes it possible to deliver the results your customers expect in the shortest amount of time

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Die-making Professional

Born out of a die making environment, PackDesign is the most powerful and tailored CAD system for die makers.

A customer/machine driven database, combined with the power of our ActionList Tools offering the flexibility and performance you need in a fast pace die shop today.

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Stand-alone Solutions

The PackDesign Suite offers several modules as a stand-alone solution.

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ProFlow is a customer, project management and planning solution. An in-house development at BCSI Systems BV that connects seamlessly to PackDesign, running in the background and always available.

Organize, manage, share and track designs, design revisions and documents directly in PackDesign.

Follow progress with colored status indicators, providing a real-time view, for all stakeholders in a comprehensive interface. Completed projects are fully traceable, for evaluation and reusable for future activities.

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Project and Design management

ProFlow empowers your (design) team to organize, manage, and track product data, revisions, and releases.

Keep everyone working from the same design data across your organization.

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Document manager

Take control of documents, add relevant information to projects (orders) such as PDF files, Excel files and pictures.

Keeps everything organized in 1 place.

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Stay on top of status

ProFlow provides real-time access to all the project data you need and presents it in a comprehensive interface for quick interpretation.

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